Documentary Producer Breathe News

This platform for short docs will be launched soon. Currently, I am already involved in shooting documentaries for Breathe News.

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Social Media at the Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network

Since January I have been working as a social media and communications volunteer at the Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network. I update all the social media channels and…


Essay: The reoccurrence of resource nationalism takes different forms

When governments impose economic nationalist policies to enhance local profits from resource industries they are implementing a strategy called ‘resource nationalism’. This is rationalised by the concept that…


Essay: Today’s fears are not caused by likeliness

Politicians and the media warn that militant Islam is the most serious threat of our time. This essay attempts to critically assess these claims and counterclaims. To do…


Essay: Resilience will keep you in a state of fear

  In the last decade the concept of security has been altered by the rise of a strategy called ‘resilience’ (Neocleous 2013). Nations like the United Kingdom and…


Department blog University of Westminster

I am the founder and editor of the blog Inside Westminster. Meant for all the students of the University of Westminster, aimed at the department of Politics and…


My work for Dutch Broadcast Television

I have spent nine months on the news desk of national science show ‘De Kennis van Nu’. I collected science news and transformed them into TV stories which…


Article: Debate on racism in Dutch celebration continues

“There’s a knock at the door, Loud knocking, soft knocking. There’s a knock at the door, Who can that be? Don’t worry, my child. I’m a good friend….


Documentary: Copy Wrong

Illegal downloading is a challenge for filmmakers in their early career. Documentary produced in Denmark.


Documentary: A little Lotte

Documentary on elderly home OK-Huset Lotte in Copenhagen.